Who are we?

Welcome to the webpage for the Crash Test Brummies Roller Derby team! The West Midlands' only Open To All (OTA) Roller Derby League.

Established in 2012, became members of the MRDA in 2015, and achieved world ranking status in 2018. We have members from all over Brum and beyond! All skatin', no hatin'!

We have an open door policy for all existing derby skaters and we are always on the look out for new skaters to join our ranks.

The Team

Swifty (Captain)

26 // Swifty (Captain)

Harkness (Vice Captain)

16 // Harkness (Vice Captain)

Doom (Vice Captain)

13 // Doom (Vice Captain)


11 // Urbs

Bad Daddy Yan

17 // Bad Daddy Yan

Red, White, and Bruise

1776 // Red, White, and Bruise

Nuke Jukem

2 // Nuke Jukem

Zac The Ripper

2618 // Zac The Ripper

Khazad Doom

2799 // Khazad Doom

Samurai Saint

3 // Samurai Saint

Shauna The Dead

302 // Shauna The Dead


309 // Noob


31 // Smacks

Notorious B.I.G.G.S

418 // Notorious B.I.G.G.S

Mr Hazard

739 // Mr Hazard

The Big LeBrewski

79 // The Big LeBrewski

Dancing Diamond

88 // Dancing Diamond

Just Lucy

// Just Lucy

Thembo Party Killer

// Thembo Party Killer

Clark Vader (LUM)

712 // Clark Vader (LUM)

Binty Vicious (Pre-mins coach)

20 // Binty Vicious (Pre-mins coach)

Join Us

We are always on the look out for new members, from people who have never skated before to already established skaters looking for a league in the West Midlands.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events and intakes or get in touch with us.

Already a derby skater? No worries!! We have an open door policy that is Open To All derby skaters – just turn up and get stuck in! The only exception to this is if we have an organised game against your league announced (sorry!).


When/Where do you train?

Sunday evenings 4:00-6:30pm at Leasowes High School, Kent Rd, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 8PJ – there are occasions when we will have closed door events, so please check our Facebook page or contact us before travelling to us.

How much does it cost?

Your first session is free. Following that, each session is £5, or you can take up one of our membership options.

I can't skate or haven't skated in years, can I play?

Fear not, we will teach you how to skate and put you through our pre-mins programme to get you up to the required level.

What equipment do I need?

We can provide you with the gear to get you started. It is not a good idea to splash out on your own gear before deciding roller derby is for you. Please let us know your size requirements in advance.


  • Helmet
  • Gumshield (only needed for when doing contact, recommend using your own :) )
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards
  • Knee Pads
  • Quad Skates
I really want to get involved but I do not want to play, what can I do?

The Brummies love officials, because without them we wouldn’t be able to compete in this amazing sport! The Brummies offer training and support to both Skating and Non-Skating officials.


18/09/22BrummiesMRD: Chaos Engine
19/03/22Brummies107Borderland Bandits246
1st Place 4 Trophies
RSVP (Rape & Sexual Violence Project)
Theater Tees & Print

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